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Dean Trumbley

 Dean has a very diverse background in the outdoor sector.  He spent the early part of his career as a former Registered Professional Biologist in both British Columbia and Alberta.  He has conducted well over 75+ studies in the wildlife and fisheries field.  He also worked at the federal and international levels in biology for COSEWIC and the United Nations Environmental Program as a part of the Canadian Delegation, respectively.  He received recognition for his service with COSEWIC from 2006-2013. Presently, Dean is a Host for the hunting TV show Bushnell’s Trigger Effect ( which airs to around 80-million households through Canada, USA and Europe.  His production company, Thunder Boyz Productions Inc., also received a Business of the Year award in 2017.

Writing history

Mr. Trumbley has written for many platforms in his past, both as an article writer and also as a technical report writer. Dean's former biology career had him authoring and co-authoring on many technical and research papers throughout Canada. Additionally, in the early 90's Dean was a columnist for a local British Columbia newspaper writing on various environmental issues facing the Okanagan area. Upon starting the hunting TV show, Bushnell's Trigger Effect, he has written multiple articles in the hunting sector drawing upon his experience and education.